What is Ghost Squawk AI?

Ghost Squawk is a news aggregation software that takes in breaking news headlines from various trusted sources on the web and provides risk sentiment analysis to all financial markets: Stocks, Forex, Bonds, Commodities and Crypto Currencies. Ghost Squawk uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technology to be able to understand the context of individual breaking learnings and provide users with information on whether the sentiment is positive or negative, its importance's and which asset class a headline will impact.
Additionally, Ghost Squawk uses intelligence audio squawk to be able to read out important breaking news headlines to users, and by leveraging translation technology, Ghost Squawk is able to translate breaking headlines into the top 10 most spoken languages in the world while squawking out important news in different languages; given investors and traders an edge in the markets without having full comprehension of English news or events driven data that has an impact on financial markets like stocks, forex, bonds, commodities or crypto currencies.

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